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Successful PJ Technology increases productivity and promotes water&energy savings at paper mills!

Kurita PJ Technology delivers unique value to you by:

・ Reducing steam consumption up to 10% per year

・ Increasing productivity up to 5% per year

・ Promoting water & energy savings

・ Decreasing CO2 output

Significant energy savings with Kurita PJ Technology

Application in the dryer section at a paper mill

Kurita Water Industries noted that water from the steam, adhering to the inside of the dryer, caused a drop in heat conduction efficiency. At many paper mills, the Kurita team has proposed adding a water treatment chemical that forms a water-repellent film to the steam. The resulting film adheres to the inside of the dryer and improves the heat conduction efficiency.

Kurita PJ, a dropwise condensation technology product.

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